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I want say GREAT THANK YOU for all who support my first own project - WojikPack01!

I am so glad that my sketch cards likes worldwide! USA, Canada, Netherlands and China. This is really cool!

I was take only 15 orders on my packs. Every pack consist of mini artbook, set of postcards, trading card and sketch card.
You will pool one/two from this 15 sketch cards. Elves, mermaids, vampires, fairy and demons. 

All scans you can find here woja.ru

For drawing my psc I use watercolors, copic multiliners and markers, colored pencils, gold marker and imagination. 

For package we use all that can))) Toploaders, protectors, boxes, warp, paper pockets and etc. All for protect yours orders. I want say thank you to my friend, who always package all my parcels (I am really can only drawing)))))).
I have encountered a number of difficulties that will be considered next time. 
The main problem was the fact that I spent on process more time that planned and you waiting your orders so long. I am apologize again! 
For next my own set I will use another way - orders start when all sketch cards will finished. So I can send orders after few days. This project is in work yet, and my patrons have access to all stages of preparation. 
Also was problem with shipping via SAL (registered mail). So, in next time I will use only EMS. The faster, safer and tracking in all countries.

I like add to my sketches effect that you can see only personal.
Every card have own little story and I hope you will find it. 

With best wishes,
Helga Wojik